rokka rokka


The Inspiration

I was asked to create a party favor for an edgy, outdoor, winter sports crowd.

The Cologne

The family is woody leathery. The scent is skin hugging- you will not intrude on anyone else’s air space, but will make women want to come in closer. You will experience notes of citrus and violet, followed by ancient cedar, tree moss, nutmeg and tonka bean. Then you’ll ride a wave of amber and patchouli.

The Packaging

The retro label on the 3.4 ounce size is a high-tech cloth decal and was inspired by board art. Local Cape Cod boat builders epoxy, fiberglass and sand every bottle by hand so that each one is unique.

Rokka Cologne 1.7 ounce… Same rugged cologne + no frills label = "check it out" price.

The Creator

For the past thirty years I have been creating iconic women’s fragrances, offered at the finest stores and worn by discerning women around the globe. Rokka is a product of Antonia's Flowers.